Monday, June 28, 2004
fishing, parading and movie viewing
Well, I don't know about you guys but I had an action packed weekend.
I spent some time with my beloved friend (and neighbour across the hall), Princess Blondie, on Friday before heading up to my grandma's.

Once I got to grandma's it was pretty much non-stop eating for the rest of my time there. That's what grandma's are for, afterall. ;-) Saturday morning we got up at 6am and headed out onto the lake for some fishing. Sadly, it was a short lived trip as the weather became unpleasant rather quickly. There is a bizarre cold front moving through Ontario at the moment which has lead to unseasonably low temperatures. And since I was sick it seemed like a foolish idea to be sitting out in the wind and cold. So we packed it in only after an hour or two and never made it back out for the rest of the weekend. Grandma was sad and disappointed so I promised her I'd go back up next weekend. If you wanna see some pictures, click here to get to my photoblog (you'll have to scroll past the Pride Parade photos to get to grandma pics).

So after I had my fill of good food and cardplaying I came home and then met up with a friend of mine to go take in the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. As always I had a fantastic time though I must say the parade this year wasn't as impressive as past years. Still, it's always a blast to pack the downtown core with a MILLION people and just dance and have a great time. Here is a link if you want to see live footage and here again is the link to my photoblog.

After the parade my friend and I decided to take in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11. Now, I know lots and lots of people absolutely hate Michael Moore and think that he is full of shit. But you know what? For the most part people hate the man because he makes people uncomfortable. He makes people question what they believe to be the truth and makes them wonder if maybe their comfortable little bubble of a world isn't as it seems. And no one likes to be told they are living in a lie. Do I think the man's views should be taken as the gospel truth? Of course not. Do I think he sensationalizes things a bit? Sure! But you know what? So does the media.

There are two extremes; there's what the media portrayed throughout the war showing how America was liberating Iraq, and the coverage was a media frenzy showing what a wonderful job they were doing. It was the media's JOB to sell America on the war. To show that all those lives lost were not in vain. Stories were sensationalized all the time, just look at the Jessica Lynch fiasco. My god, the girl has a website now!! The other extreme in this is Michael Moore who's goal is to ferret out the dirty truth that people are reluctant to hear. And yes, he has to sensationalize it if he's going to get people to watch it. But make no mistake the man has all kinds of proof to back his claims, and he illustrates it in this movie.

So somewhere between these two extremes you will find the truth. And it is up to YOU to see it and make up your mind, but I STRONGLY urge everyone to see it and decide for themselves, just as I did with the controversial movie Passion of the Christ. I can't believe that a country like America that brags about freedom of speech has been trying to censor this movie by blocking it's release. I can't believe that in a country where people brag about the freedom of speech a person is put down, shut out, boycotted and hated for having an opinion that just might conflict with the president. Shame on those who would shun the Dixie Chicks or Michael Moore for being brave enough to say they don't agree with their president. That's DEMOCRACY and freedom of speech, folks. That's what it's all about. And if your president can't weather a few opinions or answer a few questions then you have bigger issues. I think it's shameful that a person is made to feel afraid for questioning the politics of his or her country. YOU elected these people and you pay their salaries. You have every right to ask for the truth. To question how things are run. I urge you to at least see the trailer for a glimpse. Yes this movie might anger you, and it damn well should. It's meant to. It angered me, scared me and many times made me laugh. But mostly I just worried about the next American election.

Speaking of elections, today Canada is voting in a new Prime Minister. ha! Bet those outside of Canada didn't even know that. That's coz unlike our American counterparts we don't make a 6 month campaign out of it and spend/waste millions of dollars. The election was called about a month ago and today is the day of reckoning. This is where fellow Toronto blogger Wayne and I do NOT see eye to eye. We will not be voting for the same party and that's ok. That's what a democracy is all about. I'm not going to delink Wayne for his choice, just as I'm pretty sure he won't delink me. No shunning here!

Anyway. Go see Fahrenheit 9/11. Please.