Monday, June 28, 2004
Mideast Mayhem
See that? Give me two days off and you get two posts in one day.

Well, colour me surprised this morning when I saw the announcement that the US has handed over Iraq 2 days ahead of schedule. Then again, it's more ceremonial than anything else right now since it's not like the US Army is about to pull all it's troops out. Here's hoping some dumbass terrorist doesn't assassinate the new Prime Minister while Iraq struggles to get back on it's feet. And of course those terrorists have 2 more hostages they are poised to behead, including a Pakistani and an American (was only a matter of time, wasn't it?). Disgusting cowards who stand there terrorizing and murdering all the while with their faces covered. Cowards. My prayers go out to the hostages and their families....

Meanwhile, over in Israel things have been heating up again. 1 soldier killed, 5 wounded when a massive explosion went off underneath an Israeli military outpost. Hamas was more than happy to claim responsibility, of course. And as a bonus (the ole "one-two" punch) Hamas then turned around and fired a rocket from the Gaza Strip (you know, where is Israel is finally pulling out of like the Palestinians have always wanted) and killed a 4 year old boy and 49 year old man. Another rocket was fired after that but didn't manage to hit anyone. Tough luck.
Israel has had about enough of attacks on it's citizens.

This is shaping up to be a very newsworthy week....