Sunday, June 06, 2004
Reagan, Potter and Brown
First of all, I was sorry to hear that Ronald Reagan died yesterday. As a Canadian this often doesn't have much of an impact, but overall my impression of him was pretty good. He was a bit kooky sometimes, but he did some good. He's also the first American president I was aware of as a child (he came into power when I was 7). I think I mostly feel great sympathy for Nancy Reagan; the last few years for her were no doubt difficult as Ronald wrestled with Alzheimer's disease. My thoughts go out to the Reagan family.

Moving on, allow me to recap my weekend. Friday night my neighbour Princess Blondie and her darling boyfriend Bruno had a surprise dinner planned for me, and had been scheming with my parents to make it happen. It was a very sweet gesture to mark my 5 year celebration. I'll put up some amusing pictures tomorrow. After that I went with a couple of my friends to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was well made and very entertaining, though a bit scary. If I were a young kid it would have scared the crap out of me. Have I mentioned I love Alan Rickman? He's awesome.

What else.....oh, yesterday I returned the X-Box I had rented from Blockbuster. I have decided I really shouldn't buy one. Once I get playing games I become anti-social as I lock myself away for days on end, and I certainly don't get anything constructive done. The flag went up for me when I got absolutely ZERO Hebrew homework done for my class last week. That is SO not like me, since I'm usually the browner who always works ahead in the textbook. I need to remember what my priorities are, and not let anything get in the way of my studies. Tsk tsk. Bad X-Box, BAD!! lol

Last night I had a great time when I went to see the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, in concert with a few of my friends. It was a fun and energetic show, and I had a really great time with my friends. We danced, we sang, we had fun. :-) And it was nice when James Brown had a moment of silence in his show for Ronald Reagan. Overall, great show, a bit short, and NO ENCORE. wtf??

Anyway, I'm hopping in the shower now, and heading out to the Israel Day Festival here in Toronto. Gotta go show some support and buy some Israeli products and such. :-) Can't wait.

Before I go I want you all to know that I have declared "Float On" by Modest Mouse to be this year's summer anthem. It's the perfect summer song, filled with the feelings of friendship, bonding and fun. Go get it. Download it (ahem), buy it, whatever. Get it and tell me it's not catchy as all hell. Actually if you go to the Sony website you can get a preview of the song right there on the first page. Go have a peek.