Tuesday, May 25, 2004
slow and furious
I knew from the moment I woke up today that it wasn't going to be one of my best days. Although I went to bed in a timely fashion last night I was absolutely exhausted when I got up this morning, and it's a feeling I just haven't been able to shake. It has thus caused me to be extremely irritable and uncooperative at work, making me a real fan favourite with the boss. Maybe it's for this reason that I was chosen to drive to Buffalo, New York tomorrow for a little day trip for work. I believe my words were "You're kidding me, right?". The answer was no.

So I did what any girl would..I called up some friends to see who would be skipping out of work to join me. Only I'm not your clothes-and-shoes shopping kinda girl, I'm a toys-and-comics girl (note the pic for this post...my Hellboy mini toys that sit on top of my work computer), so I called my geek friends to see if I could rally the nerd brigade. So far only one has made the commitment to call in sick tomorrow (not an easy task to do given the fact that we all just had a 3 day weekend) and another will be letting me know tonight. Hee. My guys are the best, we have so much fun. So in fact I have kinda turned lemons into lemonade coz I'm making it into more of an adventure... so we'll see how it goes, I'll regale you with stories upon my return.

I'd write about the fact that it's Shavuot, a lovely Jewish holiday, but I'm too grumpy. For links and info go here, here and here (I stole the links from Israellycool coz I'm lazy as all shit today).
Chag Sameach!