Friday, June 04, 2004
Today I am feeling ten feet tall and bullet proof (nigh invulnerable, even!). This is what happens when you spend a week on your knees begging to be put out of your misery, only to wake up one morning and find that you are suddenly feeling better.

Yesterday I was ready to jump off a cliff I was in such agony and sheer misery.... and let me tell ya, things got a whole lot worse before they got better. After my last post I made and ate a sandwich and then crawled into bed. It was difficult to push past the pain to fall asleep, but I finally did. I woke up 2 hours later actually feeling WORSE than ever. I got up and made myself a little dinner, and I'll admit, I had myself a little cry. I just didn't know how much longer I could go on like that and wondered when I would be ready to give in and go to the hospital (something I have had to do a few times). I was feeling lousy with no sign of it letting up.

Over time I ate more and more food throughout the night and eventually got back to bed before midnight. And I woke up at 6am this morning (an hour before my alarm) feeling like a million bucks! So excited was I by feeling good that I was at work extra early this morning and have been obsessively cleaning up my office and desk (hell, I even took my car through the car wash this morning!). It's a beautiful day and I am SO grateful to be feeling this good heading into the weekend. And tonight I am off to see the new Harry Potter movie with my friends, and I cannot wait! Yeeha! (awww..and I just got a text message from my favourite neighbour, Princess Blondie. she's invited me over to her place for dinner tonight. what a sweetie!!!)

So there you go. I think I was made better by all my well wishers on here, thank you very much. You guys rock. Have a great weekend, I know I'm gonna get out there and enjoy it.
Shabat Shalom.