Tuesday, June 01, 2004
two posts in one day?? what is this world coming to??
gee, have you heard? Canada is having an election at the end of the month....we're getting a new Prime Minister! *snore* And have you heard? It looks like Julia Roberts is having twins!! *double snore* I'm hopelessly bored at work, and there isn't even anything in the news to keep me entertained.

I'll tell ya about one thing that DOES have me excited, though... the Vaughan Jewish Community Campus that is being built *right* in my neighbourhood. Ok, so this is likely not exciting to most of you, but it's a big deal to the Jewish community here. They say it'll take up something like 50 acres (I dunno what that is in Imperial measurements..BIG, ok?? lol) and will be like a mini city. It will have things such as community services, fitness, health and wellness, seniors, education (including a highschool), day care and day camps, theatre and arts facilities, Jewish history and heritage education and preservation, a 9-acre neighbourhood park and public square, etc..

It is expected to cost about $250 million, with $100 million already raised privately (hey, we gotta take care of our own, ya know? clearly no one is gonna do it for us). I can't wait for this, and it only makes me love my neighbourhood that much more. I hope I can afford to buy a place around here one day (but I live in an expensive area). For anyone interested there's more information available here, here and here, though disappointingly there doesn't seem to be a site for it yet (this site seems to be the closest to an official site including cool architectural drawings showing what it will look like. it looks friggin' awesome!!)

Anyway, enough about that. I think I need a new tattoo. Every few years I get the itch, and it feels like it needs to be scratched again (I have 3 other tattoos). What do you think about this combination of the Canadian and Israeli flag? Hm, I dunno. I like it very much but where would I put it? Not sure yet, so I'm gonna have to ponder it some more. And raise funds too, since tatts cost money. So for now, no buying an X-Box and no buying a tattoo.

*sigh* I'm bored (or bore head for those "in the know". I'd give a link so that you could all be in the know but si's webpage seems to lack permalinks for her posts so you'll have to scroll down to May 19th.
T - 45 mins until I can go home.