Sunday, May 30, 2004
tugging at my heart
I've had a weekend of highs and lows and have yet more ahead of me tonight. As I have mentioned, I have my cousin and her husband in town this past week. Friday night we all went out to some snobby restaurant where they put the napkins in your lap for you, and I made like I belonged in a place like that. The food was amazing (it should be! the bill came to $400 for 5 of us!) and we had a really wonderful night. Afterwards I went and rented an X-Box and holed up in my apartment for the rest of the night trying to get acquainted with it.

Saturday my grandma came into town and we all drove back to our old hometown for an emotional memorial for my mom's sister (my cousin's mom) 5 years after her death. My poor's so hard on her (she's buried two daughters, my mom is all she has left). So that was a bit of a rough start to the morning, but it picked up as we met up with old family that I never see much and we had lunch at someone's house. It was nice to mingle and talk and laugh, and just touch base with family. Felt surprisingly good.

And after that my grandma came to stay with me for the night (always an interesting proposition). We ordered pizza and watched a movie, but grandma was pretty exhausted after the days events and went to bed at 11pm. Foolishly, I did not. I say foolishly because I went to bed later, but grandma gets up early. And when grandma gets up *everyone* knows about it coz she's loud. She got my bedroom and I slept on my pullout couch (very comfortable I might add!) so when she started banging around my apartment my sleep was over (and I tried not to freak when I woke up to find her eating my Shrek cereal. WHY the Shrek cereal, grandma?? there's about EIGHT boxes to choose from that would be FAR more appealing to an old lady!! gahhh!!). I got a miserable 5 hours of sleep and after dropping her off at my parents this morning came back home for more sleep.

Am I boring you guys yet?

So this morning was the last breakfast with us all together, and I brought a big box of old pics to share with my cousin. We ate, we laughed, we hugged....and then my parents took them off to the airport to go home. :'-( Makes me so sad. We tried to be all cool about it, but it was killing us. lol

So now I have rested and I am off to pick up a present for a friend of mine. Tonight there is a going-away party for him as we prepare to send him off to Turks and Caicos. He has landed a great job and he, like us, is filled with excitement and fear about it all. Only this morning did it occur to me that I'm really going to miss him. :-( Don't know what you have till it's gone, right? *sigh* I am really happy for him, it's a fantastic opportunity. I know he can do it. It's just going to be a tough adjustment for us all. And if I may be a bit selfish here, I am really sick and tired of putting my friends on a plane to move halfway around the world. *pout* Breaks my heart.

And that's it. I thought I had lots more to write about but I can't remember. My mind is all over the place today. I hope everyone had a great weekend and let's give a big round of applause as si has bowed to (positive) peer pressure and has put the comment feature back on her blog. Yeah SURE it's just for me and Jill. :-P YAY!!!
Oh! And I think I'm liking this X-Box...but MAN ALIVE, I just can't get the hang of one of the parts of the controller. It's friggin' driving me NUTS. If I can get the hang of it by the end of the week that I have rented it then I might just be sold...but I'm not too sure it's gonna happen for me. I'll report more on this little matter later.