Sunday, April 25, 2004
So I went to the Israeli Market set up for the day, conveniently just around the corner from my house. First of all, let me just say that I had this bizarre belief that I would be the only one; okay maybe not the ONLY one, but I thought it would be small. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was packed and it was chaos in the parking lot. Lots of honking, lots of angry Israelis, it was stress just trying to get INTO the market, nevermind fighting the crowds inside.

And of course, there was security at the door checking bags. I was stunned as a guard stopped me and asked to look in my bag....yeah I got used to it in Israel, but it hardly ever happens here in Canada. But whenever we Jews gather in large numbers we must take extra care, for there are always those lurking out there who seek to harm us. It's sad but true.

Anyway, once inside I was a very happy little camper. I love looking around at Israeli products, and I love hearing the sound of Hebrew all around me. There were people selling jewelry, candy, wine, dishes, shoes, flags, shirts, locks (?!), all kinds of Judaica-type items and there was even a woman belly dancing. It was wonderful, and the atmosphere just made me so happy I coulda cried right there (you think I joke!). I bought an Israeli Police t-shirt, a pin with the flags of Canada and Israel (gotta look closely in the's there. here's a better pic, if you're interested.) and a bumper sticker. I was eyeballing a necklace I liked, but I am still pining over that one I never bought on eBay, so I didn't get it. In the end I had great fun, I really wish there were more of those markets.

Moving right along, I'd like to talk about a little product called the Magic Bullet. After getting sucked into one of the most badly scripted infomercials I have ever seen, I soon found myself thinking that maybe they were right...maybe I really DID need a Magic Bullet for all my kitchen needs!! I didn't break down and buy it, but I am certainly finding myself watching the infomercial more and more. At first I started watching it for a LAUGH coz the acting is so excrutiatingly bad, but then...well, you know how these infomercials are. They target the weak-willed and sleep-deprived, and I am the first to admit I'm a marketing whore. I'll go for anything if it's shiny or cool. Anyway, do be sure to watch the infomercial if you see it.

I think I'm going to go grocery shopping now. I had me a loooong nap today and I'm feeling quite spunky. And I think I need to keep up this eating-like-a-real-human being habit I have recently developed, and that requires real food (versus pizza or frozen dinners). I like grocery shopping at odd times like this (no crowds), and couldn't have been happier when not one but TWO 24-hour grocery stores opened up in my area over the last year and a half. Life is good. Now if only I could get Wal-Mart to open 24-hours, I'd be in heaven.

Two last things. One: I can't watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" without crying. I just watched my first episode and wept like a bebe. If you didn't cry too, then you have no soul, because they took the home of this family that desperately needed help (a truck had driven into their home and wrecked it, and they couldn't afford to fix it) and gave them the most *stunning* home. I was fine until the lovely and obviously grateful woman started crying. It was nice to see such genuine appreciation, and these folks deserved it. *sniff* It was moving, I swear!!!

Ok, and once again, in closing, I'd like to say hi to the people who typed the following words into a search engine and found me:

"leg torso ratio child" (ok, I wrote a post on leg torso once, and this is now the SECOND person who has found me searching for info on leg/torso ratio. this makes me laugh on the inside in a big big way)

"I am feeling ignored" (oh man, how lame is your life that you would type that in a search engine?? hope things improve for you, my friend)

"girls shiny fillings in her back teeth" (I can't even make shit like this up, folks. this is for real.)

hope y'all had a great weekend!