Monday, April 26, 2004
You may have noticed right away that there are NO pictures on my site at the moment. Ask me how much I loooooooooove my internet service provider right now? Yes, it seems that my pictures have allllll disappeared from my webspace, as provided by my isp, and I cannot access it using my ftp program to fix it. Seems there's a "glitch" of some sort. I was reduced to a multitude of swear words over the phone as I was filled with intense anger, and did my best to not take it out on the poor idiot who has to take my call. I am *extremely* irate at this very moment, as it pains me to no end to see my webpage a mess like this. It's killing my very anal personality and if ROGERS doesn't fix this problem soon I may need therapy to undo all the damage. Rotten fucking bastards, way to start my week off right.

If anyone has some suggestions as to how I may fix this, I am listening. Because the idea of going back into ALLLLL my posts that have pics and fixing the html tag for each and every fucking one of them because I've moved the pics elsewhere makes me want to run out and commit homicide. I HATE YOU ROGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Seems the little rat bastards have fixed the problem. This only serves to remind me that I need to start looking at alternative sources (sort of like how one little virus reminds you that you should back up your hard drive more often). Mercifully my blood pressure can go down now. Whew.