Wednesday, January 14, 2004
misery loves company
I am in pain and it's making me feel very very grumpy. How is it I feel worse today than I did yesterday?? *grumblegrumble* And it's safe to say I am starting to go really stir crazy being cooped up in my apartment. My mother is making me swear I won't leave my home because the temperatures are SO cold right now (making it impossible to even breathe), but man alive, I'm going crazy. I don't know how much more daytime television I can take; god help me if I succumb to The Shopping Channel.
I have medication that I am only supposed to take once a day and let me tell you, 8pm is a LONG way from now, I don't know if I can wait that long. Ow. *pout*

I'm also angry that some Palestinian woman (21 years old and a mother of two, I might add) took it upon herself to strap bombs onto her body and blow herself up killing 4 Israelis and wounding several others, including fellow Palestinians trying to cross into Israel to go and make an honest day's living. I hope that your children will be able to take comfort in the idea that they don't have a mother because she decided to be a "martyr". I'm sure they would much rather have a picture of their mom, the hero, than a hug and kiss at night when they go to bed. And thank you for taking the life of four soldiers ranging in age from 19 - 22. You should be very proud of yourself.

I don't feel well and so I think I'll vent my anger and frustration at the Middle East Madness. I'm fed up with being at home sick when it's snowing outside and I wanna play in it (ok, it's a bit cold (-30C / -22F), but this IS Canada afterall), and I am fed up with the constant conflict in Israel. I think I'll go work on my resume and do some homework. That should make me feel better.

And I'd like to thank everyone for your kind words, you're very sweet. I thank you, and my lungs thank you. :-)