Friday, October 10, 2003
Leg/Torso Ratio
Here's an observation I have made.
Some people have freakishly long torsos, and shorter (often disproportionately so) legs. I first noticed the phenomena when I got into my car after my mother had been driving it. The car seat was pulled up closer than I would normally have it, meaning her legs are shorter. But wait.....she's taller than me. "That's odd" I thought, as I slide the seat back a bit. Then I noticed when I looked in the rearview mirror, it was slightly too high for me. Holy wow! She's more torso than legs! I have enjoyed this discovery a great deal, and like to call her 'tiny legs' and 'wee limbs' all the time. "Yeah yeah", she says, "it's mystery how you can fit those LANKY LEGS of yours into the car at all" (I'm all of 5'3", you see...).
So I've noticed this trait in a few other people, and I just think it's kinda funny.
As I stared at a friend of mine today I actually this where evolution is taking us?? Are we all gonna be running around with tiny little legs and long bodies?!? what's doing this?? is all our computer use going to ensure we never have to leave our desk anymore, that we can get all that we need delivered right to our home?!?!
ha. then I thought....I think too much sometimes.