Sunday, May 27, 2007
why is it so BRIGHT in here? so LOUD??
Well, I guess I was due. Two weekends in a row of guests and working non-stop (including nearly a week out of town, in our nation's fine capital of Ottawa) resulted in a nearly 5 day migraine headache. I was some cheesed off that I finally got some of that precious "alone time" that Oprah speaks so highly of, my first weekend off from work and visiting friends in almost 3 weeks, and I spent most of it in bed writhing in pain. Needing sympathy and a mother's touch I crawled my way over to my parents place last night and whimpered and whined while my mother fed me (though food was of little interest) and took care of me. I crawled back home thinking I could sleep it off only to wake up with it yet again this morning. There seemed to be no end in sight. I had tried every trick I knew, and having had migraines since I was 6 years old I'm pretty well versed in handling these things (I've only landed in the hospital once or twice).

Just when I was ready to accept that my weekend was a complete waste I got a call early this morning from my buddy Princess Blondie and her husband wanting me to come out and play. I told them there was no way as all I wanted to do was be somewhere quiet and dark so I could proceed to apply for my death certificate. Before I knew it my old neighbours (we used to live across the hall from each other in my last apartment building) showed up on my doorstep, and Blondie gave me a scalp massage and the most wonderful new pill called Relpax. I had never heard of this medication before but now it's my new best friend. In less than 2 hours my headache was gone and I was on my way to recovering from days of stomach upset and a pounding head (one doesn't get over days of that any too quick). I must go to my doctor and get me some of this fine Relpax (Blondie gave me a sample pack she got from her doc).

Yeeha! Migraine be gone!!!
Now I can get on with more exciting things... like paperwork and expense reports! And preparing for another friend visiting next weekend!

Hope y'all had a good weekend, and to my American readers... have a great Monday off!