Monday, February 12, 2007
this n that
Here I am sitting in a hotel room in a small town called Brockville (or "Brockvegas", as I like to call it. makes me feel more glam when I call it that). It's about a three hour drive from my home and I stopped and worked at 3 stores along the way. Tomorrow I will get up, work at another store, and then head home. Some people wonder how I can do so much driving, but to me it beats sitting in a cubicle all day staring at a computer. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had a great day at work. I'm told, however, that the weather is taking a nasty turn tonight and I might have a rough drive home. Such is life on the road.

Anyway..... a few random thoughts I've had of late....

- last week during a few snow storms, birds started showing up on the balcony of my apartment. I make note of it because it's actually quite unusual, as I have not had a lot of visitors of the feathered variety. Perhaps they don't like hanging out 8 floors up?
What actually amazed me was that on one of the chillier days two black birds (starlings?) appeared on my balcony looking quite cold. I stood with my jaw dropped as I watched these two birds proceed to spend the next five minutes eating snow. Eating snow!!! I gotta say, I have seen plenty of nature up close over the years, especially up north where there's plenty of both birds AND snow, and I have never in all my years seen birds eat snow. Ya learn something new everyday.

- I was watching an Israeli film on tv the other day, called Walk On Water. It was pretty good and hearing all that Hebrew and seeing the scenery from Israel made me miss it. *sigh* And the Israeli actor in it, Lior Ashkenazi, is a total cutie. *swoon*

- Ok, I know I'm late in discussing this, but I feel really bad that Anna Nicole Smith died. I don't care what you thought of the girl (and believe me, I didn't ever pay attention to news or talk of her) it's still absolutely tragic that she died. She left behind a baby who will never know her mother or brother, and that is simply saddening. But I gotta say.. enough already with the crazy news coverage. Entertainment Tonight, you're the worst offender. Do you really need like, THREE, different correspondants in three different locations to cover all the latest updates? Really now. Give it a rest and stop circling like vultures, it's in such bad taste.

- I don't know about the rest of you but I have been riveted by the story of the NASA astronaut gone loopy (does that make me a hippocate after the Anna Nicole comments?). It just goes to show you it doesn't matter if you're from the ghetto or if you're Harvard educated..... you can go crazy just the same. Love can make ya do some dumb things, and I think kidnapping your competition for a man certainly qualifies. I hope this woman gets some serious help.... she clearly needs it.

- Ok, WHAT is going on with the guy who shot a snokeler because he thought the guy in the water was a nutria?? (a nutria is something akin to a muskrat or beaver. I've never heard of them, truth be told) Apparently some 60 year old guy saw fit to pack some methamphetamine, marijuana and a .22 caliber rifle to go hunting.. resulting in a shot to the face for the unlucky sap who evidently resmbles a water rodent if one happens to be under the influence. Guns and drugs are bad, kids!

- I'm in the mood for travel. Possible locations: Colorado (to see one of the girls I bunked with during my 3 month stay in Israel), Iowa (to see a girl that was in my French class), North Carolina (to see My Big Gay Daddy), or to England to see a dear friend of mine who once lived in Canada (and South Africa and Israel... this chap gets around!). I think money might be the dictating factor as I would ideally like to knuckle down and pay off some debts this year.

- I am still in love with my mini-tramopline, thanks for asking. And I am seeing fanatastic results! As I said before, if you have ever thought about getting one I strongly encourage you to give it a try! It's fun AND it's good for ya!

- I got not one, not two, but THREE new pairs of eye glasses. Found me a place that has a 3 for 1 deal and took advantage. Perhaps when I'm feeling ambitious I will dig out my camera and model them for you. That will also give you a chance to see my giant curly 'fro hair as well.

- ok, how unhappy am I that Blogger forced me to switch over to their new version? Not happy at all, is the answer. I don't like being forced into anything, thank you very much. I will blog how I see fit. ... er... and apparently that means seeing fit to blog as Blogger would like me to. One day I *will* move this blog, damnit!

That's it for me.... I'm gearing up to head to California at the crack of dawn on Thursday. Yeeha Costa Mesa!