Tuesday, April 03, 2007
"Furniture is awesome!"
Since I wrote last I have flown back from California, worked, worked worked, got 2 speeding tickets (within a block of each other, and within 6 days), 1 parking ticket (20 mins past expired? please.) and had a minor car accident to the tune of $1,200 (a fender bender, really. and no it had nothing to do with the speeding, and I was the one being hit, not doing the hitting). I have acquired a new cell phone that I have a love/hate relationship and have a new laptop on the way that I bought on eBay because my old one died and I need to resurrect some 3,00 pictures from my Israel trip that are on there. I'm trying not to have a stroke about that.

Now I am about to leave and catch some 4 flights over the next 24 hrs as my job once again takes me out of town. Mercifully this will be the last time I have to fly to these stores up north, as we have indeed hired a new girl and this will become her territory. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it won't be until the end of April after I have her trained and in place. I'm feeling highly motivated to get her trained swiftly.

To those celebrating.... Chag Sameach...

P.S. when I return I will explain the title of this entry... a true quote from the worst day of life a week or two ago, mere minutes after someone hit my car.