Monday, January 16, 2006
Today's post: Yay for me! Boo for Iran! and What are those crazy Israelis doing!?
So I am in a pretty good mood these days. On the weekend I had a big heart-to-heart with my friend with whom I was planning on becoming roommates in the near future. We have decided not to become roommates afterall because his financial situation at the moment is quite unstable and I need someone who has more secure and steady work (his is quite sporadic). This actually comes as a great relief to me as the original reason for finding a roommate was because I myself needed some financial relief, but now that I have a new job in the offing my financial situation is likely to improve drastically; that being the case I'd rather live alone because I really like having a place to myself. After a talk with my friend (including plenty of irate words from my end over a parking ticket he got with my car that he didn't bother to mention or pay for) we have decided to nix the plans; he will be moving back in with his brother and I will remain, for now, with my parents.

I have been looking at a few new apartments and have found some that I really like, so hopefully it won't be longer than a few months at home with my parents. My parents have actually been encouraging me to stay with them as long as possible so as to save myself money, but I miss my own space. Plus, if an apartment opens up in the building I really like, I'll have to take it or lose it. This building is pretty popular so I can't risk losing out on an opportunity to get in. *sigh* It feels good having options.

With regards to the new job I finally called the recruiting officer to ask what was going on. She seemed kinda surprised that the interviewers hadn't called me, but said that an offer was forthcoming, that they just had to work out the details. I guess they (the American company) need to figure out how to pay Canadians and how to put together an enticing package/offer that doesn't include health benefits since ours is covered by the government. I hope this means greater benefits in the areas that aren't covered, like dental and optometrist stuff. That would be a sweet deal. Either way I just want to hurry up and sign this deal so I can get on with the business of getting my life sorted out. At this point I remain cautiously optimistic that the pieces are finally falling into place. Yay!

In other news......

- WHAT?? A Muslim Cleric made anti-Israel remarks?? I can't imagine!! "Jews know how to control people. This is how they know how to control our leaders." Yes, yes, we rule the world and that's why we are fighting tooth and nail for the one little piece of desert in the Middle East that doesn't have oil. *snore*

- Ah yes, my favourite leader, the President of Iran, is back to his ole tricks again! I just have to laugh at his crazy remarks. To recap, he likes to deny that the Holocaust ever happened, he thinks that Israel should be wiped off the map (or at the very least, moved to Europe, Alaska or Canada) and now he thinks that the Holocaust should be opened up for debate so that it can be decided for once and for all if it really happened. Funny how the only people who think that it didn't happen are the Arabs and white supremists. And I am sure the fact that this ridiculous conference will be hosted in Iran will ensure that it will be a fair and balanced discussion.

- Possibly the most ridiculous report yet on the Israeli Prime Minister's health/condition: "Sharon's aides said the prime minister had opened his eyes, according to some Israeli Web sites, but the statement from Hadassah Hospital denied his eyes had fully opened. The medical significance of the eyelid movement was unknown, the statement said." So... we're not sure if he opened his eyes or not, and if he did we can't even be sure what that would mean. Got it.

The only report to rival that one in terms of ridiculousness would be this one: "People who were present said Sharon first became teary-eyed, and then opened his eyes. However, the prime minister’s eyes shut once again just as doctors were racing to his room." Oh.....oh!!....OH!!!! So close, damnit!! I wonder how many times the fmaily has called the doctors in only to have him snap his eyes shut again. And I wonder how many times the doctors will fall for it before they start accusing them of crying wolf. Stay Tuned!

- "Tel Aviv synagogue manager nearly stabbed after commenting on smell of visitor's socks". Um. WHAT? And it really begs the question... just how smelly were those socks, anyway??

- Speaking of crazy Israelis, what the hell is going on in Hebron?? Israelis rioting and destroying Palestinian property??? Ugh. This sort of behaviour just embarrasses me. I really like to think that Israelis are above this kind of behaviour and I abhor giving the Palestinians any more excuses/ammunition to use against Israel. Come on guys, let's not sink to their level. We're better than that and it just looks bad when Israelis are reduced to such tactics. I understand frustration and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness make you want to do rash things, but this is SO not the way to go about change. Now Hebron has been declared a closed military zone. Nice job.

- "Thirty Canadian Christian Israel supporters leave Toronto behind, move to community near West Bank. "These people left a paradise in Toronto in order to live with us, and it is really heartwarming," said Yonah Ephraim, secretary of Moshav Magen Shaul where the Canadians live." Y'know, I'm just not sure what to make of this to be perfectly honest. I'm always happy when there is support for Israel, especially if it's not from Jews; it's a welcome surprise. And to hear that they are from my town is also nice. But how are they immigrating to a country that requires you to be Jewish in order to become a citizen (and not just a permanent resident?). Odd. This opens it up to all kinds of debates (including demographic balance and so on) but I'm just happy that someone outside of the Jewish religion is showing such strong support of Israel. It's not exactly a popular team to be cheering for.

Ok, that's it for me. Before I go I want to wish my friend Annie and her husband Frank a big Mazal Tov on their new baby boy, born today at 5am. What a great birthday present for Annie's birthday tomorrow! Welcome to the world, Colin Nicholas!