Friday, January 20, 2006
Snow Devil
Apparently all it takes is my bragging about a ton of snow for it to suddenly stop snowing and switch back to raining. All my beloved snow is gone. When I went up north to see my grandma yesterday it was a beautiful day and it looked like a winter wonderland; snow everywhere, especially on the trees. It was breathtaking.

However, since I am a ruiner of great snowy weather, it began raining up there too (which is *unheard of* this time of year). It's downright warm back here at home now and muddy and gross. I want my snow back.

The trip was brief but did a world of good for both my grandma and I. She was thrilled to see me (I surprised her) and immediately set about making me the most awesome dinner. We watched a bit of tv and talked about the good old times when she was a kid growing up along the river. It was a nice visit.

On my car ride home I finally got the call I have been waiting for...... ladies and gentlemen, I got the job offer. That's right, as of Jan 30th I will be gainfully employed by an American company looking for reps up here in Canada. I will be making a chunk more money than I was before (yay!!!) with great benefits and bonuses. I am really very excited. I have given my landlord my notice and my friend will be moving out of my apartment. My application was accepted at the apartment building I am hoping to get into, and hopefully something will be available for April 1st. Things, dare I say, seem to be falling into place.

I wanted to blog about a couple of other things.... the Canadian election... Iran... but I'm in too good a mood to ruin it with such topics. It'll wait until tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone, Shabat Shalom!