Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Snow, Diana, Mahmoud and Colin
Today was a great day. Know why? Coz it snowed, I mean it *really* snowed. All blizzard-like. I was thinking to write an angry post about how it had been raining for days and days and how I wanted snow because this is Canada afterall, and I loves me some snow. I was even going to say that I was planning to vote in the election next week based on which party promised me snow if I called their head quarters and asked. How funny would that be if one of them actually tried to promise that?

Instead I decided to spread my good mood by writing to the makers of Diana Sauce and tell them just how much I love their honey garlic sauce. I mean I really truly love it, as my letter to them outlined. I made an awesome meatloaf (yes, MEATLOAF! why are you laughing??) the other day that was really truly the tastiest meal ever and it was in large part due to that sauce. I thought I'd share the love so they knew how I felt and hopefully it will encourage them to continue making it for years to come. They must never stop making the sauce. Never ever.

Anyway, I saw a copy of Macleans magazine (which is much like a Time magazine in it's format, and made in Canada) and right on the front page it had a picture of my favourite politician (that's right! The President of Iran!) and the quote with it says: "The Scariest Man on Earth. The Nuke-Happy, Jew Hating Lunatic President of Iran". HA! Hooboy, that made me laugh. I love it when journalists use the word lunatic. It's such a great word and so very appropriate in this case. And I love that the rest of the world finally sees the man for what he is, and I hope they realize his hate doesn't just stop with Jews. Beware all Western infidels, you'll be next! Just as soon as he gets Israel wiped off the map...

The article can be read here if you are interested; in the meantime here is a small snippet: "He believes that Israel is a "disgraceful stain" that must be "wiped off the map." He calls the Holocaust a "myth." And he claims that when he addresses world leaders, he is bathed in a divine aura that prevents those watching him from turning away, or even blinking. Meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's new president, and the leader of a country that is set to go nuclear." It's a great article so go check it out; Iran is everyone's problem, not just Israel's, folks. And unlike the Iraq mess, Iran is making no bones about it.... they intent to create weapons of mass destruction.

On a happier note let me leave you with a picture of my friend's new baby boy, Colin. This was taken just over 2 hours ago.... he is 2 days old. And he's about the cutest thing ever, even if he did cry pretty much the whole time I was holding him. Little Chinese babies are so cute!!!