Thursday, July 07, 2005
rat bastard terrorists
I am stunned at the news of a multi-attack by terrorists in London, England. I was terrified as I went to my computer to get details since my friend takes the subway/Tube system to London in the morning to get to work. I was relieved to find an email from him in my inbox.

I am still in shock as I watch the details. And so help me god, if George W. Bush uses this to his advantage and says how this won't rock "our resolve" in fighting the "war on terror" I'll gag.

Also, this had better make Britons have a huge appreciation for what Israel is up against since they have been very VERY critical of Israel over the years.

Now I am heading over to other blogs to make sure Gilly and Yosef's families are ok.

UPDATE: Just got an email from my friend in London...

"If I had stayed at home for one more coffee I would have been on the wrong train but thankfully I was not. I guess it's just is not my time. Will write more when and if I get home today."

This from a guy who has lived in Israel and had scuds fly over his head. I bet he thought he left this sort of thing behind when he left Israel. *sigh* He, like millions of others, will be stranded away from home for the foreseeable future as all transportation in and out of the city has been suspended. Here's hoping he makes it home safe and sound.

UPDATE 2: Where there is darkness, let there be light! I would like to thank Shayna in Florida, Aaron in Kentucky and my friend/co-worker Angela for your support by buying a bracelet to help send me to Israel. Once again when I am down and out, someone comes along and picks me up. Your timing couldn't be better, thank you so much. That brings my count to 99 bracelets sold.... and now more than ever, I want to get to Israel.