Thursday, June 30, 2005
I laughed, I cried.... it was better with cats
As any of you who read and/or write blogs are aware.... you tend to get to know other bloggers well through their blogs. Depending on how much a blogger chooses to share you can really get a sense of who a person is and feel close to them because you often know a great deal of information about them. And often times you feel a real bond with another blogger, and can even develop a close friendship as you share stories.

It is because of one such fondness for another blogger that I was weeping uncontrollably yesterday morning while reading his blog. Laurence's blog often features the antics of his four wonderful cats, and his take and humour on it all has made me laugh on many occasions (you may recall one of his cats posing with the blue bracelet I am selling to raise funds for my trip). Yesterday, however, I was reduced to tears as news came that he had lost one of his beloved cats, Edloe. I felt a particular fondness for Edloe because she reminded me very much of my own cat, Abbey. And the pictures and clips of the kitties allow you to peek into this kitty world and get to know them and love them like Laurence does. As a cat owner I feel for Laurence's loss and understand the pain.... many people just don't. We will miss you, Edloe!! I am very sorry for your loss, Laurence.... my heart goes out to you. Thanks for making Edloe a part of my life too. :-)

In other news, my mood has been lifted again in terms of my trip to Israel, thanks to my good friend Deborah over at the Livnot offices. She very patiently reads my grumpy emails in which I vent my frustrations about how slowly answers are coming and I am gently reminded that things are on Israeli time now. I guess I had better get used to it, hunh?? I have heard many people grumble about how horrible Israeli bureaucracy is, but I guess I've never had to deal with it first hand until now. Thanks for your continued patience and help, Deborah!

This Saturday and Sunday I (in conjunction with my good friend and occasional commenter, Melra) will be having a garage sale in an effort to sell as much of my worldly possessions as possible for maximum profit; the money will all go into my funding for the trip. It's interesting how your views of what's important shift when you are desperate to make money to meet a greater goal.... suddenly trading a tea kettle or food processor/chopper for a step closer to a plane ticket seems perfectly reasonable, ya know? I'm also taking part in a 2 hour focus group tonight in order to make $100 cash, which will also go into the funding pot. I love focus groups... I have so many opinions and I just love to share them. Heh. One time I actually made the guy who was running the group so mad that he actually left! (the focus group was being held by my home ISP, a company I have a few choice words for) This focus group tonight is being put together by Microsoft and my work ISP..... bwah ha ha!! I'm gonna get paid $100 to tell them what I really think??? This will be the most enjoyable hundred bucks I've ever made. Israel, here I come!!

Anyway, before I go I want to give a shout out to my mom.... it's her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (not that you're reading this.... lord help me if you are!!) Just like last year I got her tickets to see her favourite band, Journey.

Also, I want to thank MBGD and Mulder for being there for me this week when I have been so incredibly stressed out. Thanks for your support guys, you really know how to help a girl through a tough time. I love you!!