Friday, July 01, 2005
It's days like this that remind me how good I have it here in Canada. I love my country, I really do. It's a deep and long standing love affair it is. What can I say? This is the country that produced such big names as Dan Akroyd, Avril Lavigne, Jim Carrey, Kiefer Sutherland, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and of course, Wayne Gretzky. For a list of famous Canadian musicians go here. For a list of famous actors go here. For other famous Canadians (like astronauts, authors, artists and more) go here. For more about Canada in general go here. Ya never know what you might learn! Check out my post from last year to see what I love most.

Since it is a holiday I have the day off today. Last night the long weekend was kicked off just right; I was extremely tired heading down to the focus group I had agreed to go to ($100 for 2 hours work can make you agreeable to do the most boring of tasks). After driving (read: sitting) in traffic for an hour and a half and then taking 2 subways for another 45 mins I was nodding off as I sat in a waiting room with all the other participants. Finally a girl came out with a clipboard and called the names of all but three of us and lead them off to another room. The rest of us sat and speculated why we got left behind when the girl came back and said they had overbooked us and that we would still be paid the $100 but that we were free to go. Woohoo!! The fastest $100 I ever did make!! I have to admit... I did a little dance out in the hall when I left the office..... ok, and again in the elevator.

I decided to walk around downtown Toronto a bit, did some shopping at the Gap, grabbed a iced-minty-choco-cappa-something from Starbucks and then headed home. I was happy that my huge bad mood from driving in traffic had melted away to pure happiness.

So now I am heading out the door to meet my friend Melra to put up posters advertising our garage sale tomorrow and Sunday. Here's hoping for some more cash for my trip!!!

Now... to put my Canada flag on my car, all loud and proud!