Wednesday, June 08, 2005
why have you people forsaken me??
*** is this your first time here? click here to get the lowdown on all this talk of bracelets and a dream to go to Israel ***

It seems that only Laurence over at Is Full Of Crap loves me enough to make *several* mentions of me on his blog. (actually, that's not entirely true, my good friend Dave of Israellycool has been generous enough to mention me twice, as has Meryl and Rahel) AND he loves me enough to buy a bracelet too (as can be seen pictured in those links, along with his cats who are giving their feedback on the bracelet). That brings the count to three bloggers who have put up pics of their newly acquired bracelets from moi (the others are Cassiopeia and si).

So what is it going to take to entice all you new visitors to chip in and help me realize my dream of a 5 month trip with the Livnot program in Israel? Should I start adding possible uses for your bracelet? Laurence was going for cat collar, but seems to be having difficulty wrestling it on to one of his cats. I suggest you slip it over your water bottle and then voila! Use #132: you now have a non-slip grip for your water bottle for when you get all sweaty when you're working out. Now you won't drop it!
Pretty lame? Ok, let's hear some alternatives, and where possible I will take a picture of it in that scenario and post it. Bring it on!
In the meantime... buy a bracelet! Have you hugged a Jew today???

P.S. Thanks for the nod on your blog, PJ!