Tuesday, June 07, 2005
where has all the love gone??
Not ONE order for a bracelet today?? What's going on? That was it... ya loved me for 6 days and then left me?? I know plenty of people have been stopping by here and only the tiniest fraction have bought one.... see that number I have sold? 80? Well 40 of those were bought by one person!!! (btw, buyer-of-40-bracelets, your order is coming, I promise!) Only 27 people have bought a bracelet in support of my dream..... 27 people out of the hundreds and hundreds that have been stopping by. Imagine if everyone had bought just one??? *sigh*

Come on folks... I need your help to make this happen. Don't make me beg!! (though it sounds suspiciously like I'm on the edge of begging right now, doesn't it?)

UPDATE: Jeffrey, thanks for your order yesterday, it was shipped out today. And thanks to my good friend Melra (occasional commentor and long time buddy) today wasn't a complete wash out. She bought a bracelet from me when I took my boxes of stuff over to her place for a garage sale at the end of the month (so I may sell as much of my worldly posessions as I can and put the money towards my trip). Tomorrow is a new day and I'm SURE more of you fine folks are going to step up to bat a drop a few bucks for a good cause. :-)