Thursday, December 23, 2004
a note to the perverted
This post is for the person who has repeatedly typed "very young naked teenage girls free" into his/her Sympatico search engine and come to my page because of the results.

First of all, you were obviously looking for something very different when you happened upon my blog, but you have used the exact same search to come back to my site *several* times a day since the initial search a few days ago. Do me a favour and just bookmark me instead of using that filthy search to come back here.

Secondly. Dude. Very young naked teenage girls? What the HELL is wrong with you?? Get some help ya little perv, you're dancing on the edge of the dark side. I now have your ip address which means anyone else could too. See how "innocently" surfing the internet for young girls can be tracked? Watch yourself little man, or you're gonna have either the cops or an angry daddy with a baseball bat knocking down your door.

Incidently, I would love to know what you found so fascinating on here since it took you away from your quest for masturbation material. If you feel brave, feel free to share.