Wednesday, December 22, 2004
me likes the snow!
What a difference a day can make! Yesterday the temperatures were a toasty +2C (35.6F) which is a damn sight warmer than the -35C (-31F) we had a mere 12 hours earlier! Cold snap be gone and now bring on the SNOW!!! That's right, we are just starting into a snowstorm that is forecasted to last for the next 36 hours or so, no doubt causing major havoc on the roads and giving lots of people the day off tomorrow! Yay!! Coz who doesn't want an extra day off?? (most people will be closed down on Friday for Christmas holidays) I am so happy it's snowing!!!

Ok ok, maybe you are all tired of hearing me talk about the weather. Would you rather hear about my sexy new water cooler?? That's right, baby!! I am so ridiculously pumped up about my new water cooler, that I even took some pictures for you to see (head over to my photoblog or click here, here, here and here). Yes I realize this is likely boring to everyone else, but if you love me you will pretend to be interested and happy for me. I've been through hell to get this cooler (this is the second one, the first one poured half a giant bottle of water on my floor), including going back and forth to Walmart in the sub-zero temperatures and battling Christmas holiday shopping and return lineups. But in the end it is all worth it coz now I can have ice cold water at the touch of a button, AND I can have nice hot water at my fingertips for hot tea or chocolate anytime I damn well please! Eeeek!!

Still bored? Ok, how about this. Go watch it and tell me you don't find it at least mildly amusing (wear a tinfoil hat!). Meanwhile, I'm gonna sneak out of the office, grab a handful of snow and bring it back in to pelt someone in the office. Shhhh!!