Saturday, September 11, 2004
back in the saddle
Well, I think I am finally recovering from my jet lag, and have made the adjustment back to Toronto time from Israel time. I was still in bed way earlier than normal last night, but I managed to sleep in until my normal time this morning. Whew.

I got up bright and early, feeling well rested for once, and headed out to get groceries. I have not had a chance to restock my glaringly empty fridge since I returned (I have been out with friends every night this week to share tales of my trip). However, having an empty fridge has afforded me the opportunity to wipe it down, clean it out and to fill it up with all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies. I'm feeling really quite pleased with myself, actually. And of course I had to pick up some pita and hummus while at the grocery store today, though I was incredibly disappointed with the hummus selection. Only 2 varieties to choose from compared to the 50+ varieties I saw in the Israeli grocery store. *sigh* I think I'll head to the grocery store closer to the 'Jewish neighbourhood' that carries lots of imported Israeli products and see what kind of hummus I can get there. I figure if they have Milki they'll have good hummus.

And yes I realize it's September 11th, and no I don't intend to dwell on the horrible history of this date. In fact, I have two friends who are celebrating their birthdays today, and I intend to help them enjoy the day while others would rather make the day a black one. It's no fun having your birthday on this day, so I want them to be able to enjoy their birthdays guilt free. Tonight I am going to a big birthday bash (a co-worker/partner is turning 50) and tomorrow I am having lunch with another friend; we always have a birthday celebration on the 12th, since it is a day after her birthday and a day before mine. :-)

While I understand that today will be a difficult day for so very many people, I also challenge everyone to find a reason to celebrate. Celebrate the life of the person you loved and remember what was gained from knowing him/her, not what was lost. Celebrate the unity that was born of tragedy, bringing us all closer together. Celebrate life. Gone but not forgotten, it's time to heal and carry on.