Wednesday, August 04, 2004
will I ever stop talking about my trip to Israel??
At my office we get a lot of solicitors coming in trying to sell us anything from deals on spa packages to subscriptions to magazines. So I thought nothing of it when I heard my co-worker at the door talking to someone who was clearly about to try and sell him something, as he started his speech with "Hello my name is...". At first I disregarded it and continued on with my work until I heard the young man say he was selling his paintings and that he was an art student from Israel. Of course my ears perked right up and I had to go out and investigate.

My co-worked was just about to toss him out like all the other solicitors until he saw me come out and he said "you can deal with him" and walked away. First I asked where in Israel he was from, to which he replied he was from Jerusalem and was excited that I was showing an actual interest, not the pretend kind I'm sure he gets from most people he tries to peddle to. He showed me some of his and the work of the other students he had travelled with and when he finished that we talked about Israel for a bit, of course. I mentioned that I was going at the end of the month, which was why I couldn't possibly afford his paintings (which was true, I quite liked 2 of them and likely would have bought at least one). We talked about Israel some more, including (of course) politics and life there. His English was really very good (he humoured me as I mumbled a few words of Hebrew at the end), and I could see why he was the one sent out to talk to people. He was a very sweet guy and I wished him all the best; apparently he and his fellow students will be having an art show at the end of month somewhere in downtown Toronto to try and sell their work and promote their school (how much do I suck that I don't remember his name or the name of the school?? I think it was Bezalel). I told him to get in touch with me when the details of the show are firmed up and I would help get the word out (so if you're reading this "nice-Israeli-guy-whose-name-I-don't-know" write to me when you get the details!!). *sigh* I have such a soft spot for Israelis, what can I say? And I'm also an Israeli magnet, I swear to god. If there is an Israeli within 50 feet of me, I will be able to locate him/her. It's a gift, it's a curse.

So I have my ticket details worked out for my trip after talking to my agent numerous times on the phone. Seems I'm going to have a rather long layover in Newark on my way home. Ugh. So after spending something like 11 hours flying I'm going to have to find some way to amuse myself in Newark for FIVE hours. I have decided that K-Dogg should borrow someone's car and come down to visit me and keep me entertained. :-D Come on, you know you want to!!! (help me out here, si)

Details are being worked out for a big blogger get together in Israel (looks like there might be somewhere between 10 - 20 bloggers!), though there seems to be some disagreement over the date. If it gets changed I'm screwed and I won't be able to join. Words cannot describe how very disappointed I would be, but it's hardly fair for them all to move the time for just one person so I'm just quietly hoping this goes in my favour. *fingers crossed* If you are interested in joining us, there is a Yahoo Group that has been set up for the occasion, click here. It's moderated so you'll have to fill out a quick form to let them know who you are (just give them your blog address). We can never be too safe. :-) And that means YOU, Civax and Gil (Ben Mori)....go sign up and get in the loop. And vote for the date to be Sept 2nd so I can go!!

At the risk of boring anyone who isn't Jewish/Israeli, does anyone have any suggestions as to what sites I should see when I'm in Israel! Help me plan all the fun!! And why the hell has the US suddenly issued a travel warning to it's citizens about travelling to Israel?? Tsk.