Friday, July 23, 2004
eat, drink and be neurotic
I tried out a new "emotional cocktail" today to see what it was like. Here's the recipe if you'd like to try:

1 part excitement
2 parts anticipation
2 parts fear
4 parts anxiety

And while this concoction won't actually kill you, it MAY give you what feels a lot like a heart attack and a range of other exciting feelings, from crying all the way to extreme nausea (yup, I went right into the dry heaves, baby!!). I'm not sure I want to be like that ever again, but I suspect it might be out of my control. Give me a week or so, and I'll stop speaking so cryptically and just tell you what's going on.

Meanwhile I decided the best way to handle myself while like that today was to do a mass re-organization of my office, specifically my dump of a filing cabinet. It was very rewarding and had the added bonus of making me look busy. It only killed a few hours though, and the last two hours of work were sheer torture. I just love those days when time seems to CRAWL as if to punish you, don't you?. Maybe it was because it's Friday, I dunno.

So now I'm gonna get together with a friend of mine to rent a bunch of movies and eat junkfood all night. She just broke up with her boyfriend, so I'm gonna do what every good girlfriend does, and I'm gonna help her pig out to get over it. :-) What are friends for?? And hey...maybe it'll help me unwind too.
Shabat shalom!