Sunday, June 20, 2004
why is called a cold when it makes me feel HOT??
I am feeling better today thanks to a magical drug called codeine. By yesterday afternoon my head was splitting wide open with a migraine, my throat was raw and burning, my mouth was a running faucet and my nose was stuffed up and required constant blowing. I finally gave in and took the codeine because my headache had become unbearable. Who knew it would help with all of my symptoms?? My headache went away, my throat stopped hurting and because codeine tends to dry you out, my mouth dried up enough to stop the overproduction of saliva and my nose even felt less plugged. Yay!! So I managed to get a decent amount of sleep last night, and I'm feeling much better today. All I am left to contend with now is a stuffy nose, but it's manageable. I'm glad I stayed home yesterday and gave in to rest.

And today is Father's Day here so I am baking a cake for my dad and getting together with the family for dinner at my brother's home. Apparently my dad wants a whole shoe shining kit for Father's Day (??) so I gotta go out this afternoon to try and find one. Hey, whatever makes the man happy! I just don't quite know where one finds something like that.....