Thursday, June 17, 2004
I'm looking California and feeling Minnesota
Dear Radio Station DJ:

Please oh please stop playing that Evanescence song over and over and over again. It makes my ears bleed and in time will cause me to go on a homocidal rampage. Any chance I might have had at liking that song was long ago squashed by your incessent need to play it countless times a day.

While you're at it, stop playing the White Stripes to death. I might have liked them once upon a time, but now I will never know because you made me hate them. Thanks to hearing Seven Nation Army on the radio no less than 20 times a day I can only hope their 15 minutes of fame is nearly over so I may once again know peace.

Stop overplaying songs for the sake of humanity and all that is good in the world.
I beg you (and if that doesn't work I will hunt you down and pour lemon juice over the hundreds of papercuts I will deliver to your body with blinding speed and accuracy).

a jaded music listener

P.S. Same goes for "This Love" by Maroon 5. I am one listen away from taking a golf club and smashing all radios within a 5 mile radius. You're not doing this group any favours by overexposing them. Stop it. Stop it NOW.