Thursday, June 12, 2008
now what??

Yeah I didn't write again because I was busy pouting. I had a slight.... what should I call it?... falling out with my friend who was going to be doing my tattoo. This lead to some time spent in my cave being miserable because I was really looking forward to my tattoo and I don't like fighting with friends. I have tried to patch things up but I am getting silence on the other end.

I have picked myself up since and found someone else to do the work I want for the pricetag I am trying to keep it at so I'm pretty happy. Still trying to iron out when I will start the tattoo... either June 24/5th or July 7th. I'm trying to let go of my need for instant gratification and remind myself this is a permanent move, so sometimes waiting isn't bad. *pout*

I have made the foolish decision to give my mother the heads up prior to getting the tattoo this time; the last 3 times it was sprung upon her after the fact and the reaction was a range from crying the first time to the last in which she said "Jim! look what your daughter did". I notice I become my father's daughter when I do something my mother doesn't approve of. I also mistakenly thought that 3 tattoos later she would be used to the idea but she didn't seem keen on this one either. I regret telling her as her reaction has been a bit hurtful. I thought the tattoo was beautiful when I showed her the concept picture, she said it wasn't beautiful at all.
Made me sad. :-(

you be the judge..... the image in this post is the basic idea of what I am getting.
Yes it's big, I've heard quite enough of that. I'm well aware, people!
But it's pretty, no? I think so. :-)