Tuesday, February 12, 2008
you take the good, you take the bad....
How do you like my dark sultry look? Oh so brooding.... oh so mysterious. Or grumpy, take your pick. I'm sick for the second time in as many weeks and I'm not altogether happy about it. In fact, I don't think I ever stopped being sick, I think my sinus infection just moved down into my chest. It's such a thrill to be coughing up nasty stuff instead of blowing it out my nose. Here's hoping the antibiotics I'm on will finally kill it. Saw the doctor tonight and she said to give it until Friday and if it was no better she'd put me on something else.

She also had my test results back from the nuclear scan they did on my liver and so far things are looking good, relatively speaking. It looks like the mass is benign but my doctor is still stumped as to what to do from here; should we do a biopsy? should we treat it? how? In other words, she's sending me off to a specialist now to decide what our next step is. *shrug*

Meanwhile I am still riding the high of having better than 20/20 vision (thought I'd put a happier picture of me up to illustrate the fact). Man alive, that laser correction was one of the best things I ever decided to do, and a month later I am still grateful every day for my newfound sight; I still have moments of awe in which I look around in amazement and appreciation for what I have now and what I can see. The world is a different place, and I am happy to see it in whole new way. I once again urge anyone considering it to go for it and do it. If you have any questions drop me a line and I will happily tell you how it went for me.

What else....?
I'm stressing about the next few weeks.... on Sunday I catch a flight to Atlanta for a week long sales meeting. I'd be excited about going somewhere warm (as there is a blizzard clobbering us right now as I type) but it's not like I see much outside of the hotel walls. Apparently we are going to see the world's largest aquarium there which is said to be beautiful, but not sure I'll get a chance to see much else. We shall see.

Anyway, I return on the Thursday and then need to more or less move out that weekend. Did I mention that I haven't started packing? *gulp* I mean, I technically have until noon on Feb 29th to move out, but that's a Friday, and anyone that I might hope to enlist to help move all my stuff will be at work.... so that leaves me the weekend before. And thus the stress. Did I mention I haven't started packing yet?? Arrrrrrghhhhh!!! I'd blame my cold/infection but that doesn't get my boxes packed, so.....

Before I go, can I just tell you how much I love technology? When I was in Israel for 3 months in 2005 my mother was happy that we were able to have webcams on while we typed away in MSN Messenger. She was happy she could see me "live" even if the video images were a little choppy. As she put it, she could at least count all my fingers and toes and see that I was in one piece. But tonight I had my first video call online with my good friend Craig, over in England. Hell, I didn't even know if my webcam HAD a microphone, and not only did it have one, but it worked too! I was thrilled to lay eyes on him for the first time in 2 years and we were able to talk through our webcams with very little lag time, both in audio AND video! No more expensive phone bills! *sigh* It was so great to see him again, and finally Messenger has proven itself to be a useful program on my computer. Linking friends across the globe, ladies and gentleman!

Ok, I leave you now with one last picture...... I took it this morning as the sun was coming up. Beautiful, non? As always, you can click on the picture for a larger image, so you may get the full appreciation..... enjoy!