Wednesday, February 06, 2008
ummm....... what?
I saw an ad on tv just now. It was all about illiteracy and how one can only go so far in life without the ability to read and write. Good stuff, I agree that it's important... but then the commercial ends with narrator saying : "when you're ready to take the next step, look under "learn" in the Yellow Pages".

*scratches head*

What now? You want someone who can't read and write to go into the phone book and look up a word? Hey, I have a heck of an idea.... how about providing a phone number instead. You know, some kind of 1-800 number where the person on the other end could perhaps direct the person to help in his/her area.

Anyway, yet another wicked storm goin' on in the Toronto area right now making me none too excited about heading out. I'm going for my liver test this morning, so cross your fingers for me. Nothing like being injected with a little radioactive dye in the morning to kick your day off right!