Monday, May 19, 2008
things I would rather do than my paperwork
1) play with my cats. feed my cats. snuggle with my cats. take pictures of my cats.

2) go on Facebook and create more flair.

3) break open the fresh box of crayons I got from the dollar store yesterday and draw and/or colour something. Maybe I could finally colour my Cat Castle.

4) play some ridiculous game I just found called Comboll. The music is weirdly hypnotic and I cannot help myself.

5) Stumble Stumble. Stumble. If you have not discovered the joy/addiction of StumbleUpon I advise you to stay away. Far away. Whatever you do, do not TRY IT. You will end up clicking the Stumble button over and over and over again like a rat looking for his reward.... just one more click..... one more... You will lose hours of your life and have no explanation for it. It's best you claim you were abducted by aliens.

6) catch up on shows I've missed or always wanted to watch on Surf The Channel, the world's best website ever.

7) play Titan Quest. Yes I'm a she-geek, shuttup. You know it's hot.

8) ponder my love for peanut butter.

9) read Battlestar Galactica forums and lay my bets on who the final cylon is.

10) make a big bowl of popcorn and a giant glass of Airborne. The lunch of champions! (and those sick with a cold)

11) sing the ole Richie Valens song, Oh Donna, loudly and out of key while tapping my fingers along on my desk.

12) Laugh at stupid people. Repeatedly.

Really, I'd rather do just about anything than my paperwork.