Sunday, April 02, 2006
I see a light... in the distance....
Man oh man..... my life has been absolutely silly busy for the last two months. I thought I had reached the end, but the end seems elusive and always just beyond the reach of my finger tips. I had that unexpected plane trip a few days ago and it looks like I'll have another one this week. After THAT I should be done for a while. *fingers crossed*
We shall see.

I got possession of my new apartment this weekend though I haven't really started to move in yet. I have the all-important cable (internet and tv) and telephone set up, so it's a start. Between my flight home on Saturday and my having to go to work today for a few hours, I haven't felt much like moving. My parents and I headed to the new apartment to look it over, discuss blinds and paint, and plan the move. I am *so* not into decorating so I finally just talked my mother into picking my colours for me and my dad to do the painting and building of shelves and organizers. Sweet deal, no? :-) I got me some nice parents. The place looks great and I am pumped about moving in. So bright, with a big balcony and great view... I look forward to it in the summertime.

Work is good though I feel like I am standing on the edge of potential career suicide at the moment; why is it we just can't help but do dumb things even though we know it's dumb? The job is great so why would I make a stupid decision? Coz I'm an idiot who doesn't learn, is why.


So. Home life is good and things are falling into place. Work is going well and I still like it. What else is there...? Life is good, I have no complaints.

On a side note, can I poll my blogging friends and ask..... do you find that maybe you take your online blogging friendships a little more seriously than is maybe healthy? I mean there are some people that I feel a genuine closeness to and when things go a bit wrong I can get seriously bent out of shape about it. Or get upset when they can just kiss me off with a single comment, making me feel like our friendship meant more to me than him/her? Is that weird? Is it odd that I can truly adore someone I've never met and be crushed when things fade away (as online friendships are quite prone to doing)?
Feel free to discuss.

I'm going to go dive into some paperwork and wait for Desperate Housewives.