Monday, January 09, 2006
voting and de-cloaking
Do you love me? Prove it.... vote for me by clicking here and choosing my blog's name from Group A. Actually wait, go vote for in the barren season. She's pregnant and you should always be nice to pregnant ladies, right? And she could use a few votes, so show her some lovin'.
Looking for more Jewish goodness? Check out edition #52 of "Haveil Havalim". A good place to start if you've never sampled Jewish blogs before.

Also, as Janet has pointed out, today is the day for lurkers to come out from the dark and say hi. You know who you are.... you come on my blog but never ever say anything. I know you're there! So today is the day you finally say hi. It's easy, watch: "Hi my name is Hiding McGee and I like to read your blog each and every day! Keep up the good work!". If you're feeling really outgoing today you may even add something interesting like: "I first started reading your blog after Googling "who's the funniest girl in Toronto?" and have been hooked ever since!". You might also include some information about yourself: "I am from New Mexico but after reading about your love of snow I think I am ready to move up to Canada!"

See? Easy as pie, folks. Now stop lurking and come on out and say hi! Today is De-Lurking Day!