Friday, September 16, 2005
one wicked-bad week
Well all the fun and games of this trip came to a grinding halt this week. I was devastated by the news of my cat's death, something I will not be quick to get over. This is something you either understand or you don't. I gave her lots of extra loving before I left just in case, but can you ever have enough time to say goodbye? :'-(

Wednesday I stayed in bed as the rest of the group went on a hike... I was feeling really quite sick. It continued into the next day and then finally I went to a doctor last night and have been set up with some medication for a sinus infection. I am sick as a dog and spend much of my time in bed.

I am trying to pull myself together in time for shabat dinner tonight, though food isn't of much interest these past three days. Where's my grandma's food when I really need it??

Anyway, back to bed. Shabat Shalom everyone!