Thursday, September 08, 2005
hiking, hiking and more hiking

Today was another fine day in the Israeli wilderness! We headed out west of Jerusalem to take in the John F. Kennedy Memorial and to hike the trails surrounding it.

What can I say about that, really? Not much because any way I describe it won’t do it justice. It was gorgeous (and yes, Israel DOES have trees!). One of the best parts? We came across a fig tree and we dined on fresh figs right from the tree! Behold! (you can click the pics for larger image)

After that we returned back to the campus, packed up lunch and headed to a park nearby for a picnic lunch. After that we had a circle discussion about our experiences and how we were feeling about the program. Following that… a much needed nap. Hahaha! This oldtimer needs naps in order to keep up with the younger crew.

Once I dragged myself from my slumber it was time for a class in which we talked about shabat, the customs and how it all came to be. Most interesting! Tomorrow it’s a road trip to the City of David, the shuk (Jerusalem market) and the Kotel (WesternWall). I probably won’t get a chance to post again until Sunday or Monday as we will be observing shabat which means NO electronic equipment. So there’s a good chance that the next time I post it will be from Tzfat. See you then!

P.S. Can some Israeli please tell me why there have been fireworks here in Jerusalem almost every night since I got here??