Thursday, July 14, 2005
3 things
1) I cannot BELIEVE the heat wave that is sucking the life out of my city right now. 43C/110F is just not normal for Toronto, let alone for a week or two straight. We just aren't equipped to deal with this kind of heat constantly. I swear that my mother had something to do with this and is using it as a way to scare me away from going to Israel. LOL! "Ya, you think it's hot HERE? Wait until you go to Israel!" Oh yeah? well I'm looking at the weather for Israel right now and it's about 10 degress cooler, so I'll take Tel Aviv over Toronto right now, thank you very much.

Today I went up to my co-worker from Burundi, Africa and asked her "Is it hot enough for ya??" (the most hated question of all on days like this) to which she said it was too hot. I pointed out that she was from AFRICA and that I ordered up this heat so that she could feel at home. After a good chuckle she said it's hotter here than Burundi because of the humidity... "It's not like this in Africa!! Here... it's too fucking hot!!" Ha! I can't believe she dropped the F-bomb, but this tends to happen a lot when talking about the weather lately.

2) Would the person arriving here using SiteJot please raise his/her hand? I have some questions about it and being a user I figure you can help me out. Thanks. :-)

3) I simply cannot stop eating this spinach pizza. If you can believe it, I actually prefer it over pizza you can order from a pizza place. It's just that good and I can only wonder... is it bad to eat it 3 -5 times a week??