Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Forget MTV, I want my internet!
The winning combination of no internet at work during the day and an active social life at night is responsible for my lack of posting. Believe me, work is a MUCH less fun place to be with no internet. While I have been extremely productive on some projects at work, I don't always have a lot to do and it's getting real boring real fast. And after work, well, what can I say? I'm a social butterfly. And I am...dare I say it?... dating someone. I wouldn't exactly qualify it as a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario yet, but we do seem to be spending an awful lot of time together. *shrug* Who knows... I guess we'll wait and see (note my "cautiously optimistic" attitude).

Before I go...anyone else getting spam in their Gmail account? I guess I knew it was inevitable, but it still makes me sad. I'm getting about 2 - 4 a day now, but I am really happy to see that the Gmail's spam filtering system has caught every single one of them thus far, and they haven't made it into my inbox. Kudos to Gmail! However, I send a big poopoo-on-you to Hotmail and Yahoo Mail for taking e-mails from Gmail accounts and dumping them into the Bulk folder, usually causing them to be missed. I sent a Gmail invite to a Yahoo account and it got thrown in the Bulk folder. Had the person not known I was sending one it would have been missed, since she often empties her bulk folder without looking to see what's in it (since it's all junk). I am not surprised by Hotmail doing this, but I am a bit disappointed with Yahoo, who has so far not done me wrong. I guess everyone is scared of Gmail's competition. And they should be!