Thursday, December 09, 2004
So I woke up at 5:55am this morning because I had a nightmare that I was going to die next Wednesday. It was kinda tough to get back to sleep after that, ya know? If you want to read more about it the post is here on my dream blog.

*pause the writing of this blog entry. I got an e-mail just now that has me fuming*

Here's the e-mail I received (unedited, so take the spelling errors for what they are, I didn't do it. I only removed his link because I won't help the bastard by giving him traffic):
"ear Celestialblue, (yes, his cut and paste technique leaves much to be desired. "ear" Celestialblue somehow seems less sincere)

My name is Joseph Butch, and I'm with [editingouthebastardslink].com. and I
wanted to inquire about a link inquire about adding our link to your
site (again, he can't even be bothered to get the correct link and is strangely repetitive, strangely repetitive)

Our site information is:

Title: Drunk Driving Lawyer
Description: Find drunk driving lawyers in your area by your zip code
also has drunk driving related news and legal topics.

If this is acceptable to you please let me know when and where you place our link. If you require a reciprocal link we will be more then happy to immediately place your link on our site with the site description and link text you provide. I will contact you and let you know the placement of your link.

Again, thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Joseph Butch
SWI Digital, Inc.
Phone: 800-631-5158 Ext.218
Fax: 866-810-4531"
My reply:

"Joseph Butch:

You have GOT to be kidding me.
I am not sure why on earth you thought my blog would be the place for a link like this considering I had a best friend killed by a drunk driver 3 years ago. And to add insult to injury, the girl who killed my friend got off the charges thanks to people like you.

My blog has links to Mothers Against Driving and Alcoholics Anonymous
on it, and I assure I would never support a site like yours.

I highly suggest you make no further attempts to contact me. Swine
like you make the world a more dangerous place, and spit on memories
of people like my friend.

celestial blue"

Now I am mad as all hell, and am no longer in the mood to write the happy-go-lucky post I had planned on. For those new to my blog and don't know about my best friend Shane who was killed by a 19 year old drunk driver, go read my post about him here. And I know there are going to be a lot of parties over the next few weeks, so I am going to turn all "public service announcment" on you now and ask that you PLEASE not drink and drive. It's just that simple.

Happy-go-lucky posting will resume again soon.