Friday, September 17, 2004
remember when
I bought a book today called "The Holocaust Chronicle".
On the back it reads: "This book is a not-for-profit enterprise made available to the widest possible audience via a low price that will allow widespread distrubution to individuals, schools, universities, synagogues, public libraries, churches and retail outlets. Its goal is the truth, scrupulously researched and vividly expressed in words and pictures"

It includes 2,000 photgraphs, a 3,000-item timeline, and 250 sidebars detailing the significant people, places issues and events. Written and fact-checked by top scholars. 768 pages.

Cool, hunh? As it states, it's meant to be an economical way to educate people, and it is...I paid only $20 (Canadian!) for this large hardcover book! It's beautiful! Apparently the full contents of the book can be found here on their website, though the photographs are on rotation and updated often. Check it out, and if you can, buy the book (it's cheaper here).

Anyway, I am getting back into the fall tv viewing. I forgot how much fun new shows are! Princess Blondie and I began our Thursday night ritual of Survivor again, something I have dearly missed. It was great to curl up on the couch to watch it together again. And tonight Third Watch is on. *glee!!*
I'm heading out later to see the Manchurian Candidate with a friend....I'll give my review later (I have a critical eye, having enjoyed the original).

Shabat Shalom, everyone.