Thursday, October 09, 2003
all this buzzing
I do NOT care about Kobe Bryant. Or the California recall. Or the Red Sox vs. the Yankees.
In fact, I don't even care enough to link any of those topics; chances are you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you don't you are extremely lucky, and I shan't pollute your time with talk of them.

How about we look at some GOOD news... some news that...(dare I say it?)...actually matters. Okay fine, actually matters to me. Because I don't care what Kobe Bryant did, or how it will affect his career, what I DO care about is this news item today that shows hope for women and their fight against breast cancer.
With that in mind I would like to draw attention to the Second Annual Blogger Boobie Thon. Stop by, see what it's about, and show some support. It's an extremely worthy cause.