Wednesday, October 08, 2003
me vs. the landlord
I wrote a firmly worded letter to my landlord today expressing my extreme displeasure at his negligence towards his duties. I have a fridge that is in desperate need of replacement and is threatening to die any minute now. It howls like a banshee, and wakes me up at night whenever it turns on. Yes, it is THAT loud. Sonofabitch.

Also, the buzzer doesn't work, so whenever someone comes to my door, I can't hear them buzz to be let in. This has been a problem for the better part of 2 years now, and has caused me quite a bit of grief. Just yesterday, for instance, I missed a package being delivered because I didn't hear the guy at the door. This makes me livid. I was sitting RIGHT here, but missed the delivery. It was for that reason that I was prompted to write my would be nice if I knew when I had visitors stopping by, or packages being delivered (or pizza, or groceries..they take unkindly to you ordering and then not answering when they deliver). I have bitched to him about this on numerous occasions before, but I am sick and tired of being nice about it.

Lord, may I win the lottery so I can buy a place of my own and can tell my landlord to shove it up his ass.....