Tuesday, October 07, 2003
speaking of Fall...
So a colleague of mine and I were off to do a presentation this morning. Dressed up in our finest business attire and feeling like the kick ass bitches we know we are, we were off to the headoffice of the company (that shall remain nameless) who would be lucky enough to drink up our vast knowledge. As we crossed Queen St., in the heart of downtown Toronto (in rush hour traffic I might add), our little dolly carrying our binders, briefcases and computer with projector, decides to flip over in the middle of the street. Yes, we went from "we are women hear us roar" to complete klutzes in a matter of about 2 seconds. All traffic was halted, and there were papers everywhere. *sigh* There is just nothing like public humiliation to really start the morning off on the right foot. I just hope that we could at least bring a smile to someone else's face...I'm sure it must have been pretty comical from the outside. Hell, even I can laugh about it now. It's moments like this that help to keep us humble. I can live with that.

Oh...OH!! Quick, all those tired of hearing about the California Recall, raise your hand!!
Please, may it end soon.
Meantime, I enjoyed Meryl's entry today immensely. She often says what we are all thinking (but may be too shy to say). In my case, she just words it so much better than I ever could.
For an amusing look at the Arafat situation go see Meryl.