Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Why I Eyes Ya!

Yes, that is my bruised and battered right eye. I actually had surgery done on both eyes at the same time but the left eye shows none of the same signs of the operation that the right eye does. Maybe it's because I was told to stop squirming after the first one, so the second one was better (they gave me squeeze/tension balls so I would stop wiggling my feet and legs). Pay no nevermind to those yellow dots, that's just the lights in my room reflected in my eye.

I had the surgery on Friday and Saturday morning when I had my followup I was declared to have better than 20/20 vision. After 20 years, I no longer have to wear glasses! I spent the weekend at my parents place so they could help me in the initial days afterwards, given that there is a whole performance involving several types of drops, 4 times a day. Now I'm a big girl and do them on my own, but after Wednesday I can stop using the drops. I have these ultra sexy clear shields I tape over my eyes at night when I sleep so I don't get some half-witted idea of scratching or rubbing them while snoozing. Even sexier than that are the sunglasses they give me to wear for the first week when I am outside, day or night, no exceptions! (see photo below) Nothing says I think I'm cooler than all you than wearing shades at night. I feel like Roy Orbison.

Anyway, I'll add more tales of the surgery itself in my next post, but now I gotta head out and get an ultrasound done on my ailing belly button. I figure since I'm taking a week off I might as well get as many medical procedures done as possible. I'm a girl who knows how to vacation!