Tuesday, September 21, 2004
drawing lines in the sand
There's a crazy big general strike going on in Israel right now. Makes me glad I'm not trying to fly to or from there now, coz flights are being diverted to Budapest and Vienna. Then again, that would be kinda cool..... hmmm...

I think today I am going to try and get my vacation pics from Israel up on my photoblog. It's going to take me *hours*, so I better be smooth about doing it here at work or I'll get in trouble. There are so many I might have to do it over a few days.. I'll let you now as I put them up.

I start my Hebrew class again tonight. YAY!!!!!!! I'm so excited to get back into my classes again, as I'm starting to get a bit rusty. And I adore my Hebrew teacher, she's the bestest.

I got my first spam in my Gmail account yesterday. 4 in total, which at first really annoyed me since I haven't had the account that long, but then I decided it wasn't so bad because at least the filter caught all 4 of them and dumped them in the spam folder. Nice filter catch, Google! I was impressed.
I still have tons of invites if someone wants a Gmail account, just drop me a line.