Monday, January 01, 2007
a fresh start... all over again
Wow. 2006 really went out with a bang, non? First there was the death of Joseph Barbera. I gasped and clamped my hand over my mouth on Christmas morning when I saw that James Brown had died. Then Gerald Ford. What was going on?? Talk about a Black December...

For me, December was pretty good. I worked, I played, I spent time with friends and family and I got a bit of a break from my heavy workload. I shopped, I bestowed presents and I received presents. I have no complaints.

So what of the new year? I loathe making resolutions because nobody believes them, least of all yourself. Yes I have resolutions in my mind, but they are for me and me alone, so I will be keeping them to myself. 2006 was a really great year for me and I hope for more of the same in 2007. Life is treating me pretty well so I'd like some more of that, please!

What of you? Have you made resolutions? Something beyond the ole 'eat better/quit smoking/start exercising' resolutions?

And one last thing.... I need some input here. I have heard a few bloggers complaining about Blogger's new features/configurations.... but there seem to be some new good features that I would like, such as the ability to make some posts PRIVATE. So family members who disregard my wishes to have this blog stay private can no longer read it, for instance. Has anyone been working with the new Blogger system? Any comments or thoughts? Do share with the group!