Friday, November 24, 2006
my dream vacation
So I'm officially on vacation now. And how does an exciting gal like me spend her vacation time? Well, start with some kind of vague sickness (I'm gonna guess a mild sinus infection) that was picked up while on the road on Monday. Then yesterday (day one of vacation) spend your day cleaning the house for incoming guests (hope they've been taking vitamins and eatin' their Wheaties!) . Sounds like a dream vacation so far, non? Day two you get to further tidy the apartment, run some errands (mostly involving groceries) and then, like a loser, you can't stay away from work so you pop into a store to check in on them. What can I say, I have no clue how to take a vacation, and for the record I was forced by my boss to take this time off by the end of the year or lose the vacation time. Well fine then!

Anyway, I have a friend coming in from Montreal tonight to come and hang out with me for a few days. Dinner out with friends, daytime excursions, and booty shaking on a dance floor are planned. Should be fun. Then friend number one tags out and friend number two will tag in and come and stay with me for a few days. Shopping is the activity of choice with her. Well we ARE girls and the holidays are coming... she wants to do some big city shopping, and so I'll be taking her on the giant mall tour.

In other news I actually nearly pulled the plug on this blog the other day in a moment of hurt and anger. I found out someone from my family is reading this blog.... someone I had explicitly asked NOT to read it earlier this year. I have a separate 'friends and family' blog where the posts are often the same, but overall my 'anonymity' here allows me to be a little more open on here. This is clearly no longer the case and so I am going to have to now blacklist a whole lot of (personal) topics. Sorry gang, I'm a girl with trust issues and when someone deliberately defies my request, trust runs thin. More than anything I mourn the loss of a forum in which to share some of my deeper worries, concerns and ponderances. I accept it's my fault for ever opening my mouth in the first place and telling people I had a blog; if I wanted it to remain private I should have kept it secret. What can I say? I'm lousy at keeping secrets from people.

Unfortunately I would lose what little audience I have if I moved it without posting a forwarding URL so I'll just have to start filtering my posts. No more talk of my private life in any form.. *sigh*. But hey, that doesn't mean I'm not full of tall tales of pandemonium and fun! Perhaps next post will include one of my tales from the road..... involving cops and a desperate bid to find a washroom!

Shabat Shalom!