Monday, November 07, 2005
and the countdown begins..
Well, Friday I packed up my stuff, said my goodbyes and left the Livnot campus. In some ways it was difficult, in other ways it was a relief. Time to close that chapter and begin a new one..

Friday afternoon I arrived back at Mulder's home and relaxed for a couple of days. Yesterday I decided to head up to a city north of Tel Aviv called Netanya to meet up with Dark1r, a fellow who left the program in the first week. We stayed in touch for the two months following and I wanted to make sure I saw him before I left. It was fantastic to see him again and to get a chance to take in another city before I go. I've never been to Netanya, so we strolled around, got some shawarma and a banana milkshake and enjoyed the rain. A great day and a new experience with the Israeli bus system! hahaha... who knew it took 2 buses to get from Rehovot to Netanya? Not me!

Today I am actually heading back to the Livnot campus in Jerusalem to meet up with my good friend Shay to go and volunteer at an animal shelter she's helping with. I look forward to seeing Shay again though I fear I will want to rescue all the animals and bring them home with me!

I'll try to get online tonight to post some pictures, as unfortunately I don't have time right now.... time to head out in the rain again to catch a bus!