Tuesday, November 01, 2005
back in the Israeli saddle
Well, I am back in Jerusalem after a week's hiatus. Today will be laid back as the group trickles in, returning from their week off. I am currently sitting in Tal Bagels taking advantage of free wireless internet and snacking on some chai tea and a bagel. This will also be the location of choice when I meet up with John tomorrow for a coffee. Yay!! Finally get to meet another blogger! *sigh* If only Sam could join us..

I didn't write yesterday because I was too busy pouting that I was missing Halloween back home. So I hope that everyone had a great one even if I didn't. :-P

Since I don't have much to say I will leave you with a few pictures I have taken over the last week. Just fun stuff from Israel. Enjoy!

One of my favourite things about Israel is it's food products. As many of you know, I am very much in love with cereal, and while I am here in Israel I am given an opportunity to try all kinds of new cereals. Case in point: Crunch cereal, and Bamba (pronounced Bahm-ba) cereal. Now, as you can see, Nestle seems to have much of the market cornered here, as many of the cereals I see are made by them. Crunch is not a cereal I have back in Canada, odd since we have the chocolate bar it's based on. Bamba cereal is also based on a food product and it is the snack of choice among Israeli children (and adults alike!). It has the same shape and consistency of a cheesy puff, but is instead peanut butter flavoured. Sounds gross, and when I first tried them I hated them. Now, 2 months in Israel later, I can't get enough. The cereal was surprisingly good.

Then there are the dairy products of Israel. I have said it before and I will say it again... no one does dairy like the Israelis! Refrigerated puddings and yogurts are my favourites, and the flavours available are simply mind boggling. Yogurt in all flavours, my friends! There's watermelon (see pic), pineapple, rum and raisin, passionfruit, cactus fruit, banana, coconut, apple pie, cheesecake, mocha, and a million other flavours and combinations I can't think of at the moment. I am doing my best to try them all, and have to say that the watermelon was an odd one. It was pink coloured and had little bits of watermelon throughout. And banana is always a favourite here as I eat *everything* banana flavoured, and this country has plenty of that to go around. Banana flavoured gum, ice cream, cereal, candy, milk..... ah, life is good.

Here's a crazy Volvo I have seen in Rehovot last year and now this year too. It has all kinds of flags painted all over it (with special attention given to the US and Israeli flag, on the hood!) and on the side, along the door, it says "No more war in the new world". Interesting car with an interesting statement...

Here we have the creepiest mannequins I have ever seen in a store window (and I've seen some scary ones in this country!). Check it out! Bear head? Check. Bear hands? Check. HUMAN LEGS AND FEET??? Check! Cuh-reepy!

And of course, here's a care package from home! AWWWWWW... my mom sent me candy and blister treatment for my feet! LOL! Just as I requested. And a few goodies from my folks back at work... bears and candy and letters. Makes me miss everyone back home when I get goodies like this. Even postcards depicting Toronto make me miss home!!

Anyway, that's it for this installment of "random pictures from Israel". Stay tuned in the coming days for an announcement of things to come..